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Best Hangover Meal
The Best Hangover Meal I Ever Had – Ox Tail Soup

The best hangover meal I ever had is oxtail soup. Some people like to slowly wake up in a black out…

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Favorite Healthy Meals
Some of my Favorite, Healthy Meals

Today I want to share some of my favorite healthy meals. Eating healthy can be boring and discouraging. Most people assume eating healthier…

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Clean And Fresh
Clean and Fresh Cooking – Something simple to eat

Today I'm in the mood for veggies. I really want to keep it simple. Something Clean and fresh. My kids…

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Rib Eye Steak
Rib Eye Steak – in the mood for beef

So, where do i began? Ever wake up with a craving for something and you just cant stop thinking about…

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Paleo Energy Bar
Miami Shores Country Club Golf Course – Snacks and Golf

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter to Miami Shores Country Club Golf Course to prepare for an up…

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Small Bites
Small Bites – Healthy Clean Meals

Hello friends. Ever get the urge to eat something and sometimes nothing comes to mind? we assume it will take…

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