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Best Hangover Meal

The Best Hangover Meal I Ever Had – Ox Tail Soup

The best hangover meal I ever had is oxtail soup. Some people like to slowly wake up in a black out…

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Favorite Healthy Meals

Some of my Favorite, Healthy Meals

Today I want to share some of my favorite healthy meals. Eating healthy can be boring and discouraging. Most people assume eating healthier…

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Clean And Fresh

Clean and Fresh Cooking – Something simple to eat

Today I'm in the mood for veggies. I really want to keep it simple. Something Clean and fresh. My kids…

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Rib Eye Steak

Rib Eye Steak – in the mood for beef

So, where do i began? Ever wake up with a craving for something and you just cant stop thinking about…

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Paleo Energy Bar

Miami Shores Country Club Golf Course – Snacks and Golf

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter to Miami Shores Country Club Golf Course to prepare for an up…

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Small Bites

Small Bites – Healthy Clean Meals

Hello friends. Ever get the urge to eat something and sometimes nothing comes to mind? we assume it will take…

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Dinner At Home

Dinner at Home

Dinner with the family Dinner at home with my family is special. Especially my daughter's BIG night before a golf…

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Blackened Salmon Filet with vine tomatoes, black olives, fresh dill, leeks, lemon, peppers and vin blanc

Season lightly one side of the salmon with blackening season, salt and pepper. Rub it onto the salmon a bit.
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