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Dinner at Home

Dinner with the family

Dinner at home with my family is special. Especially my daughter’s BIG night before a golf tournament #pastanight. Ever since her grandfather took her on a golf course with a putter at the age of four, the tradition of pasta night before a BIG tournament became a must to do. My father in law  would speak of his father and family living  the same tradition. I always wondered if it where true or perhaps a way to have me cook these great dishes for him.

Either way it kept me busy till now and i enjoy it. what better place to be than at home in the kitchen preparing Dinner with the family. So pasta night was born and is a tradition in my home. My kids are both spoiled when it comes to food. we are BIG foodies in my house and we do it well. My focus is more on family style dishes, everyday gourmet meals and i try to involve them as much as i can, as my mom did with me. Cooking to me is very therapeutic and I’m very passionate about it. Seafood just happens to be one of my daughters favorites. What better than fresh mix shellfish steamed in beer, garlic, juicy picked lemons from my tree, parsley and basil picked from the same yard and tossed with your choice of pasta. She loves linguine.  Traditions are best created around great food, good wine and family to share with.

Needless to tell you it turned out amazing as you can see. we tossed our steamed shellfish with Linguine. A good crispy baguette does help soak up that amazing zesty and garlicky broth or simply spoon it if your watching the extra carb. I’m glad she loved it. Until the next time friends. Tee time is at 10:00 am. Enjoy dinner with the family.

Stay hungry my friends.

Linguine with Mixed Seafood Dinner


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