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Miami Shores Country Club Golf Course – Snacks and Golf

Today I had the pleasure of accompanying my daughter to Miami Shores Country Club Golf Course to prepare for an up coming golf tournament in Port St. Lucie known as drive, chip and putt. I must tell you i am very excited because i love to watch her play, she is very talented and enjoys being out on the course. I must admit, for someone like myself who does not play, there is no right way to express the peace and quiet of being on the fairway with nature, trying to always better your game, and the short game may perhaps be the most important part of the sport.

She started being coached at Miami Shores Country Club Golf Course since the age of five and first swung her tiny little putter with her grandfather who turned out to be her coach til this day. Rico Golfing  golf as he puts it, but what do i know. Ricardo is a PGA licence pro golf instructor at the club who also has a hand picked selection of junior golfers who play from local golf tournaments, state and even the junior world golf tournaments sponsored by US Kids golf held in Pine Hurst North Carolina. Pretty amazing to see some of these kids qualify to these events. some of the best young junior talent from all different parts of the world turn up to this event to compete. Kudos to Tiger Woods for opening so many doors and opportunities for the next generation of golfers.

One of the many lessons I have learned being out there on the golf course is snacking. Snacking properly is very important. No matter nine holes or eighteen holes of golf, rain or shine, your body needs fuel. the right kind of fuel is very important to maintain pace of play. It’s not easy walking three to five hours pushing a golf cart, especially in the heat. Most caddie’s make sure to always have on hands in the carry cooler a banana, apples, grapes, nuts or dry fruits. A sandwich does not really cut it, on the contrary it slows them down. the right proteins and nutrients matter and makes a difference for the energy needed to continue and finish the game. A while back, I met someone through cross-fit whom I was sharing food for thoughts conversations and we were talking about snacks and how important it is to snack in between meals. Dried fruits and nuts and seeds was among our conversation. Being a big fan of those ingredients myself, i mentioned it to my daughter and we both came up with this idea of combining some of those ingredients and came up with this amazing and yummy paleo energy nut bar. Paleo is a lifestyle way of eating very clean and healthy, also known as #cavemandiet which you should research, it’s very healthy and effective.

Obviously i got creative and put my own twist to this idea and it turned out amazing. Nuts, seeds, and dried fruits are a great source of protein, fiber and the perfect mini snack to indulge in. Especially when your dad prepared them fresh who just happen to be your caddie and at the same time a talented chef. So, i whipped up a batch and took some out to her next tournament and let me tell you folks, they were the perfect snack made up of seeds, dried fruit, flax, nuts, well you get the idea. She handed a few out to her golfer friends and caddie’s and they went nuts. The bars were a big hit and everyone wanted to know how and where they can be purchased. Some even thought they were purchase at whole foods, imagine that. This paleo energy nut bar became Miami Shores Country Club Golf Course snack for my daughter weather shes practicing there or at a golf tournament.

People wonder why these energy nut bars are not put on the market shelves, well not everything should be shared, some things are meant to remain a secret. #lol

Cheers my friends.

sMiami Shores Country Club Golf Course

Paleo energy nut bar

  • Pitted Moroccan dried dates
  • Ground flax
  • Sunflower seed
  • Dried cranberries
  • Raw almonds
  • Raw cashews
  • Unsweetened shaved coconut pieces
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Bitter sweet dark cocoa
  • West Indian vanilla extract


Are you into fitness, health conscious or just generally care what you put into your body?

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