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Rib Eye Steak – in the mood for beef

So, where do i began? Ever wake up with a craving for something and you just cant stop thinking about it? Folks, for some strange reason i woke up with saliva dripping down the side of my mouth with the taste for beef on my tongue. I’m talking about colossal, primitive, animal instinct, caveman-like beef. I’m not talking about some 8 oz piece of steak siting in the meat section of your everyday market with dated label close to the expire time and the price is right and you feel you just got the best deal in town. Or even a beef tenderloin for that fact. Sometimes they can be over rated as well.  Especially for that price for an 8 oz cut. Having you wondering if it’s a real center-cut piece. Stop it, that’s enough. Anyway, I’m talking RIB Eye Steak folks. we’re talking giant-like 22 oz side of beef. We’re talking fat, grizzle, bone on, drippings. Now, you can take it to the grill or in a hot smoking cast iron pan well dressed with fresh cracked pepper, kosher salt, my home made spice rub and some beautiful fresh cut rosemary from the orchid garden out back. Now, for you butter lovers, a spoon of plugra butter with a touch of olive oil is all you need. Unsalted of course. There is nothing like it. And today I feel like an animal. #caveman

After dropping off the kids at camp and the wife is gone to work, i decided to go and see the butcher at our local market. Now to be a great shopper, one must befriend everyone in the store. Walking in with my morning Joe. I greet every hard working personnel in every department. Making my way through the bakery and pastries which we don’t need any of that. The deli always brings me to my knees. I’m a big fan of great cold cuts. I love sandwiches. My daughter tells me I never make a regular ham and cheese sandwich. Of course not that’s boring and i’m a chef and a New Yorker at heart which makes me a certified sandwich king. But that’s a whole other topic. They love me at the deli counter. I always gossip and get free samples from the ladies at the counter.

Rib eye Steak

The produce section is a favorite of mine cause you can go nuts. With all the options of green and fruits. Root vegetables and legumes. Well you get the picture. The Dairy, eggs is a must and so is the cheese bar. My wife’s favorite. I never really get stuck on miscellaneous items. I usually go for what i need. Some folks can spend half a day getting lost in reunions and god knows what. Finally after doing my rounds i finally have arrived. My man, my best friend #Bff #thebutcher. Small talk obviously because i just want what i came for and carry on. i’m staring at this gorgeous glass temp vitrine and i’m window shopping. Of course i want the biggest two hand center-cut pieces of absolute beauty. So it is, and i just love that brown paper they wrap it in. It just adds to it, it looks fancy. So i feel fancy and start salivating all over again. Rib Eye Steak on my mind. Yes sir, and i made it.

Once i step foot in my kitchen, it’s nothing but the best for this Rib Eye Steak. Got all my prep in order and now it’s time to get the kids. First question, what’s for dinner papa? My little bosses ask. The big boss gets home in an hour or so. Let’s wash up and get started. First thing first, a great bottle of Pinot noir would make a great marriage. The kids participate in this precooking ceremony which I call the great rub down. A hot cast iron pan and down goes the sizzling. the rest is history folks. Rare to medium rare of course. My wife would kill me and place me in the dog house. You just cannot, I repeat cannot overcook this masterpiece.

rib eye steak

Now you may serve your Rib Eye Steak with slow roast young potatoes, asparagus, some caramelized shallots, cremini mushrooms or even a touch of horse radish cream. Me, two fried eggs on top than grab the bone and kill it. Well after all that ridiculous feast, it’s time to walk it off and call it the night. I wonder what great dreams come my way tonight and what will be on my mind the next morning.

rib eye steak

Cheers my friends.



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